Handmade terracotta - An art of both the past and the present.

The finding of remains and fragments of terracotta confirms the hypothesis that terracotta has been produced in Petroio since Etruscan times. Without going back too far in time we can be FATAPsure that the production of terracotta is documented from 1500 onwards. The company F.A.T.A.P. SNC, even though it was founded under another name, has existed since before the 1800's. Its growth over the years has not however meant a departure from tradition. The production process is now the result of the work of able craftsmen who create the original models from which mouldsFATAP are made. These craftsmen together with younger people who are constantly being trained on the job are able to create pieces of terracotta which allow the creativity,gained through years of experience to show through. Our products are exclusively handmade and they differ from others in their finish and attention to detail. The big difference is characterised by the clay we use. It is geologically old and allows us to create a highly porous product with an infinite number of shades and colours which are all totally natural. Products produced industrially on the other hand have uniform FATAPcolours and a low porosity which do not stand up well to all weather conditions and are not so good for growing plants. Our range includes amphoras, window boxes, jars, statues etc. All this means that F.A.T.A.P. SNC is well known in Italy and throughout the world. Our business serves those who want the best to decorate their homes and gardens, and those who, apart from the prestige of an authentic hand crafted product, look for high quality materials and a refined style.