The models produced by F.A.T.A.P. SNC are suitable for use inside or outside. For outside use the products must have the hand crafted stamp which guarantees their resistence to all weather conditions and also their durability. As terracotta is a porous material and so suitable for plants it is advisable to avoid allowing water to stand in the bottom of the pot. An adequate layer of drainage and maintaining the hole in the bottom mean that any excess water can drain away and so avoid freezing at low temperatures and consequent breakage.

Ditta Fatap

On request we are able to do unique

pieces made by hand. See  the photo at the side,

vase 200cm.

Monte San Savino (Toscana) 1   Monte San Saviono (Toscana) 4
Monte San Savino (Toscana) 2   Monte San Savino (Toscana) 3